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Practice Areas

Strategist Law Group is a Tampa Bay Area, Florida based firm made up of a diverse, seasoned team of attorneys from the Central Florida area that strive to provide our clients with services they deserve. We take pride in our commitment to protecting the rights of our client. We place great value in supporting the community we serve, and continue to establish ourselves as proficient and reliable professionals for our clients.
Personal Injury


The immediate priority following a car accident is the recovery of the person(s) involved.  Car accidents can produce severe injuries that often make the recovery process quite lengthy. The process can also put quite a financial and emotional strain on the injured  person(s) and their family members.  We understand this process deeply including the relevant law, traffic rules, Insurance processes, and medical lien processes. Insurance companies have a team of lawyers on standby at all times. We are also on standby to protect those that are injured.  

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Family Law

We have provided our services to many individuals and families in Tampa and St. Petersburg and throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Family matters can cause serious emotional strain along with the need for attentive and zealous support during those tough times. We know how important it is to have an attorney whose adept with family matters and will zealously operate in your best interests.

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Breach of Contract

Regardless of the type contract established, you deserve to have your contractual rights protected in the event of a dispute.  Sometimes the terms are vague, or unclear, or just confusing. Regardless of the terms and clarity, we provide a detailed analysis, disposition of rights, and prospect of remedies for our clients.

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Civil Litigation

​Civil Litigation law requires skilled legal support from attorneys who are familiar with the court room and the procedural matters surrounding the civil process.  Strategist is committed to making every court date matter and our clients best interests.  We are responsive to our clients communications and questions as we are well aware of how tough the civil process can be to navigate and understand.  Our goal is to provide you with a peace of mind and comfort level of assurance that we have the bases covered.

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Construction Law

Construction projects are already quite costly. They absorb a large amount of time and money. Consequently, disputes over poor performance, lack of performance, delays, changes in scope, payments, lien rights, etc. should be met with proficient legal support so as to protect your best interest.  Our team will do just that.  

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Criminal Law


If you have been charged or believe that you are under investigation, do not wait to hire an attorney.  You should get strategist involved as early as possible to ensure that your rights are protected as early as possible in the matter. Often times, the measures that are taken very early in the process are critical to mitigating or evening preventing charges from moving forward against you.  


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