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Our Firm

Strategist Law Group know that often times our clients are challenged with turbulent circumstances in their lives. We know that our clients' matters are often personal and peculiar in nature, and we work with that state of mind so that they get the service they deserve. We know that interfacing with the legal system can present great anxiety and stress so we work with clients every step of the way to simplify the process and raise their level of understanding. With each one of our practices areas comes the assurance that we will be responsive and assertive with your communications and questions every step of the way.
Strategist Law Group is a boutique law firm concentrating on a handful of practice areas. Thus, our clients able to deal with a lead attorney on their cases and matters.  There's no need to deal with layers of paralegals or any other layers of staff members in lieu of interacting directly with your attorney.  We value our client's situations and work hard to avail ourselves to clients so that they are always well informed and appraised of the case status throughout the case. We take the situations our clients are facing seriously and strive to always be available on the phone to answer questions that come up as we go through the litigation process. 
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