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Strategist Law Group is a Tampa Bay Area, Florida based firm made up of a diverse, seasoned team of attorneys from the Central Florida area that strive to provide our clients with services they deserve. We take pride in our commitment to protecting the rights of our client. We place great value in supporting the community we serve, and continue to establish ourselves as proficient and reliable professionals for our clients.


We serve clients of all sizes from emerging start-ups and small businesses, to public entities and/or publicly traded companies.  We serve individuals in some of the toughest of situations and circumstances. Our team works alongside our clients to help them achieve their business and social objectives in a variety of fields, including personal injury and premises liability, family matters, business matters, construction matters, criminal matters, breach of contract, in civil issues such as injunctions, defamation, traffic matters, etc.

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Personal Injury & Premises Liability

Family Law​

Criminal Law​

Construction Law​​​​​

Business Law

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Civil Litigation